Women Food Eating & Life Issues: One Compulsive Eater Helping Another (2011) - Free Phone Meeting Help - Online Meeting Help - Sponsors-Phone Buddies - Face-to-Face Meetings - Online


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Release Date2010-08-01

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Now in one place, learn where to find free Phone Meeting Help - Online Meeting Help - Sponsors-Phone Buddies - Face-to-Face Meetings - Online Discussions - Podcasts - Organizations - Free Literature - and more with one compulsive eater helping another in Overeaters Anonymous Inc.; Compulsive Overeaters Anonymous - HOW; Food Addicts Anonymous; Anorexics & Bulimics Anonymous; The Recovery Group; Greysheeter's Anonymous; 12 Steps for Compulsive Overeaters; Recovery from Food Addiction; OA Primary Purpose; The Coffee Shop; The Parking Lot; and Cups & Scales. You will learn distinguishing features of each type of help and in each circle of people, including if the group has a suggested plan of eating and how to find it. Geneen Roth suggests connection breaks isolation in Women Food and God. People are the instrumentalities. "One compulsive eater helping another" is the heart and soul. With information in this book, you will be able to get started with free phone meetings, sponsor-phone buddy lists, and other resources available.....You will find people who share about obsession with body size, weight and shape; eating binges; grazing; preoccupation with reducing diets, starving; restricting; excessive exercise; inducing vomiting after eating; use of diet pills, laxatives or diuretics, use of other diet remedies, including bariatric surgery, lap band surgery, weight-loss surgery; vulnerability to quick weight-loss schemes; magical thinking about weight loss; food fantasies or romancing the food; isolation in food; guilt and remorse about eating behaviors and other behaviors. There is no single remedy espoused for all. People follow their own process.....Connecting from home is possible. There are over 200 free phone meetings a week. People dial in from home, from car or work. They speak their truth. People from the U.S. and other countries come together. They communicate and problem-solve in new ways. Others can be counted on, as food never could be, for answers, comfort, and good solid companionship. People are a great resource - one of the greatest resources. We learn from others like us and others different from us, yet similar.....The help described is non-commercial. People do not charge money. Anonymous individuals who practice Twelve Step Recovery decided to produce this yellow pages. It does not endorse or promote any singleorganization, method or approach; it is neither endorsed nor sponsored by any organization. This resource provides information. It serves the function of "press.

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Book TypePaperback
Number of Pages114
PublisherPartnerships For Community, Inc
Place of PublicationNew York
Country of PublicationUnited States
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Height (mm)246
Width (mm)189
Illustration Infoblack & white illustrations

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