Send Them to Hell

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"Send Them to Hell" is a horrifying, authentic chronicle of life as lived by foreign inmates over the past two decades in Bangkok's notorious prison system. Murder, human-rights abuse, drugs, blackmail, extortion, extreme violence, medical maltreatment and unjustifiable death penalties feature as everyday occurrences in the living hells that are Bangkwang and Klong Prem jails. Sebastian Williams graphically reveals this shocking reality through the eyes of a long-term inmate from the West, who endured at first hand the unimaginable, inhuman nightmare that constitutes the Thai penal system.

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Book TypePaperback
Number of Pages304
PublisherMainstream Publishing
Place of PublicationEdinburgh
Country of PublicationUnited Kingdom
Weight (grams)368
Height (mm)198
Width (mm)129
Illustration Info1 x 8pp b/w

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